Getting Started

Pre-Readings - Core Concepts


In any codebase that requires Blockin, run npm install blockin


Blockin is open-source and customizable. This results in many implementation decisions that you potentially need to make. Consider the best ones for your use cases. Each implementation will have its pros and cons. However, every implementation requires having users sign a challenge message and a verifier verifying the (message, signature) pair, regardless of how you do so.

🖊️pageUser Signatures🆔pageVerification

For custom backend verification implementations (i.e. not outsourced), you will need to implement the ChainDriver functionality as well.



BitBadges Quickstart - The BitBadges quickstart natively implements Blockin in a few methods explained in this documentation. It provides boilerplate to allow you to customize your Blockin experience how you would like to.

Completely Outsourced - Completely outsource your authentication to BitBadges. Only applicable when you can pre-generate signatures (e.g. user pre-generates a QR code and presents it at ticker booth at later time). Visit

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