List of Implemented Chain Drivers

This page is a curated list of Blockin implementations built by the Blockin team and the community. When building your application, you can pick and choose what implementation you would like for each chain! Certain implementations may be more complete. Some may use public, centralized APIs. Some may be implemented to query your own blockchain node. Select the best fits for your use cases.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, it is really easy to create your own implementation with a little develope experience! See Adding a New Chain.

Ethereum / EVM

  • blockin-eth-driver (by Blockin team): Uses Moralis SDK for NFT verification and ethers.js. Integrates with the BitBadges API for querying badge ownership of BitBadges.

    • Supports the main EVM chains (Polygon, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Cronos) for signing-in with NFTs. Supports all EVM chains if you don't need to sign in with NFTs.

    • See blockin-eth-driver-minified if you simply just need signature verification (no asset verification).


  • blockin-cosmos-driver (by Blockin team): library to support Cosmos authentication and verifying badges on BitBadges.


  • blockin-algo-driver (by Blockin team): NPM library that uses Purestake API and algosdk. No BitBadges integration because BitBadges currently doesn't support Algorand.


  • blockin-sol-driver (by Blockin team): NPM library that implements Solana authentication and verifying badges on BitBadges

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